make it holy

Seek Holy


Straight up - God gave me this one thing to do.
If anything, it is a correction.
My heart has been breaking for some time, filled with lament for a church that has become fractured and divisive. The brokeness hurts. Year after year the cry of my soul is this; what can I do for YOU, my LORD? And He gave me this one thing.

Create a reminder.

Make it Holy is NOT about Nationalism or any Evangelical agenda. It is NOT a political statement to be misconstrued or adapted toward divisive endeavors.
It is a reminder to scrape away the hubris we pile onto ourselves and to place all that we are onto the altar. Get accountable for your personal sin. Confess and repent, THEN give this day to the One who gives you LIFE.
Make it Holy. Pray for your neighbor, reach out in genuine love. Never offer harm, but always represent Christ. That is a big statement of accountability. We have a choice to soil the day; to attack those who have differing opinions or lifestyles. We can curse them, judge them and work to destroy them. We can call down bitterness on those we should be lifting up. Yet all of this WILL come back upon us. Jesus says so.

Straight up - Jesus tells us one thing to do.
"Love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind...and love your neighbor as yourself."

Today is a gift - Make it Holy, set apart for God.
Let us pray.

Please have a glorious day!